Divya Sarivadi Vati For Hearing Loss

Tinnitus may be defined as the ringing in the ears without the presence of any external source. There may be ringing, buzzing, hissing, humming, and sound in the ears. A person suffering from tinnitus may feel as if a sound is coming from one or both ear, from inside the head or from outside. The sound may be persistent or intermittent. This occurs when a person is exposed to loud noise for a continuous period of time. Sometimes it is short lived, but many times it becomes chronic. It is mostly common in people above the age of 55 years and it can permanently damage the hearing and lead to hearing loss. In most individuals tinnitus does not affect the hearing. Symptoms may remain the same over the years. Tinnitus interferes with everyday work of an individual. Many people manage with it without any medication. There is no treatment in conventional system of medicine. Many people have difficulty in concentrating and sleeping. It can lead to psychological distress.

Causes of tinnitus

Tinnitus may result due to several causes. Every person may have a different cause for the problem. Some common causes of tinnitus are:

  • The most common cause of tinnitus is the prolonged exposure to loud noise. There are sound sensitive cells in the cochlea, a spiral shaped part of the inner ear. These cells get damaged due to prolonged exposure to loud noise.
  • Ear blockage due to wax or recurrent ear infection can also cause tinnitus. Auditory nerve supplies the ear and any disease of the auditory nerve can also cause tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus can also be produced as a side effect of certain prescription medications. Medicines such as aspirin, some antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicines, anti-depressants, can cause potential side effects over prolonged usage.
  • Ageing can also produce deterioration of the hearing cells and can lead to tinnitus.
  • Miniere’s disease affects the inner part of the ear can also cause hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • Injuries to head and neck can also cause hearing problems and ear problems such as tinnitus.

Signs and symptoms of tinnitus

Symptoms of tinnitus may include the following:

  • Difficulty in concentrating and sleeping
  • A person may feel depressed and anxious
  • May have problem in doing daily activities

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Natural remedies for hearing loss

Natural remedies for hearing loss are very useful. Natural remedies do not produce any adverse effects. Divya Sarivadi vati is a combination of natural remedies that help to give relief from tinnitus and hearing loss. It is an excellent herbal remedy for inner ear problems. It is also a useful herbal remedy for tinnitus. It consists of natural remedies for hearing loss. The herbs found in this natural remedy are best for the treatment of inner ear problems. People suffering from inner ear problems may take this herbal remedy to get immediate relief. It helps to dissolve the wax naturally and gives relief from ear obstruction and tinnitus. This herbal remedy is a unique combination of herbal remedies for hearing loos. All the remedies are natural and provide best treatment for inner ear problems.

Benefits of Divya Sarivadi vati

Divya sarivadi vati is a wonderful herbal remedy for tinnitus. It is beneficial to take this remedy regularly because:

  • It helps to give relief from obstruction and pain in the ear
  • It provides strength to the auditory nerve and prevents hearing loss
  • It is a useful remedy for inner ear problems
  • It is also a good remedy for miniere’s disease
  • It is also a good remedy for hearing loss in aged people

Precautions to prevent tinnitus and inner ear problems

One may take precautions to prevent tinnitus and inner ear problems. The tips given here can help you to prevent inner ear problems:

  • Do not poke any sharp object into your ear. Always use an ear bud to clean wax from your ears. You can also consult your doctor if there is any obstruction in the ear.
  • Do not remain at a place where loud noise is. It may damage the normal hearing cells of your ear and can affect hearing power of your ears.
  • If you suffer from recurrent respiratory infections, you should consult a doctor and take proper treatment to boost up immunity.
  • If you go for swimming, do not allow water to go inside your ears as it may cause infection in your ears.
  • Do not listen to the music at a very high volume as it can affect the tympanic membrane.

Home remedies for Tinnitus

Home remedies are very useful for the treatment of tinnitus and other inner ear problems. Some useful home remedies for the treatment of tinnitus and inner ear problems are given below:

  • Tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for reducing pain and inflammation of the ear. It is known to have anti-bacterial properties and reduces ear infection naturally.
  • Use a warm water bottle or cloth compress to reduce pain and swelling in the ear. It also helps to improve hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • Mustard oil is a very useful home remedy for the treatment of tinnitus and inner ear problems. Warm mustard oil and then cool it. Put one or two drops in both ears to reduce the effect of tinnitus and other inner ear problems
  • Olive oil is also useful in reducing the pain in the ear. It is also useful for reducing tinnitus and inner ear problems. Warm olive oil and put in both ears after cooling it to reduce pain.
  • Onion juice also has anti-inflammatory properties. You can put one or two drops of onion juice in the ear. It melts the wax and helps to give relief from blockage of the ear. It is a useful remedy for hearing loss that is caused due to blockage of the ear.
  • You can also give steam to your ears to melt the wax. It is also a useful home remedy for reducing pain and inflammation. It helps in cleaning of the ear and useful for reducing obstruction of the ear.
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