Divya Sanjivani Vati For Boost Immunity

Our immune system is made up different types of cells. These cells help to protect your body from germs. Immune system helps you to keep healthy. It prevents your body from infections. Weak immune system can lead to diseases. When a microorganism invades your body, an immune system undergoes a series of responses to protect your body from infection and bad effects of microorganisms. The cells that act against the microorganisms are white blood cells that destroy diseases causing organisms. White blood cells are present in different locations in the body. The white blood cells circulate through the blood to different parts of the body. Immune system works in coordination with other cells of the body to monitor the entry of germs that may produce health problems.

The most common type of white blood cell that protects against infection is neutrophil. There are two types of lymphocytes: B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes. B and T lymphocytes have different functions. When a microorganism enters your body, they are recognized by the B lymphocytes and specific antibodies are produced against them, so that they are easily recognized when they again attack your body. In this way, immune system prevents your body from recurrent infections.

Signs and symptoms of low immunity

There are certain important signs and symptoms that could help you to recognize that you are suffering from an immunodeficiency disease. These symptoms include the following:

  • A person with low immunity may suffer from recurrent and frequent infections
  • A person with low immunity may suffer very quickly from any mild infections that may not affect the other individuals
  • It may take time to recover from any mild illness or disease
  • A person may get tired easily
  • Appetite may be reduced, digestive system gets affected quickly
  • There is loss of sleep, and headache is a common symptom

Disorders of the immune system

There are different diseases that may arise due to weakened immune system. There are different causes of low immunity. Many people suffer from low immunity due to stress and depression. Excess intake of prescription remedies can also cause low immunity. Environmental influences also affect the body of an individual that may produce low immunity. Family history is also a factor that may cause immunodeficiency diseases in an individual. Long term treatment for any disease or illness may produce low immunity. Poor diet and overindulgence in alcohol or smoking or any other habit forming substance may produce low immunity in an individual.

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Natural remedy to strengthen the immune system

People take different kinds of medications to boost up the immune system. Natural remedies also help to boost immunity. Natural antibacterial herbs help to prevent recurrent infections. Divya Sanjivani vati is a natural remedy to strengthen the immune system. It consists of natural antibacterial herbs to prevent entry of germs in the body. This is a natural remedy that boosts immunity without producing any side effects. Divya Sanjivani vati consists of natural herbs that help to boost immunity. All the herbs found in this natural remedy are safe and effective.

Benefits of Divya Sanjivani vati

Divya sanjivani vati is an excellent herbal remedy to boost immunity. Other benefits of taking this natural remedy are:

  • It is a useful remedy to prevent recurrent respiratory infections. It is a useful natural treatment for coughs and cold.
  • It is also a useful remedy for people suffering from digestive problems. It helps to increase appetite and also gives relief from constipation and flatulence.
  • It is a very useful remedy for inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, gout, etc. It gives relief from pain and swelling of the joints by boosting up immunity.
  • It is a useful remedy for fever
  • It is also a useful remedy for preventing skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, etc.


It is recommended to take one or two tablets, twice a day after the meals with warm water or milk.

Home remedies to strengthen the immune system

Home remedies are very useful for boosting up the immune system. Home remedies are safe and natural and do not produce any side effects and naturally helps in boosting up the immunity. Some useful home remedies for boosting the immune system are:

  • Vitamin C is an excellent nutrient that helps to boost immunity. One should eat fruits and vegetables that are rich sources of vitamin C. Citrus fruits such as oranges, amla, figs, lemon are rich sources of vitamin C.
  • Garlic is another home remedy that has antibacterial properties. It fights against bacterial diseases and boost up immunity to prevent recurrent infections. Include garlic in your daily diet to boost up immunity.
  • Turmeric is also an excellent home remedy that boosts up immunity. Turmeric is rich in special compounds that have anticancer properties. Turmeric prevents the development of cancer forming cells.
  • Nuts such as almonds, hazel nuts, pistachio, walnuts are rich sources of vitamin C. These are powerful antioxidants and help to decrease the free radicals or cancer forming cells in the body.
  • Kale is also an important home remedy that provides vitamin A to your body. Vitamin A also acts as an anti-oxidant and helps in the formation of white blood cells. It fights against the germs and diseases causing organisms.
  • For the optimum functioning of the immune system it is required that a person should eat a healthy diet. The diet should include fruits, vegetables, seeds, wholegrain, nuts and beans. The diet should be rich in proteins.
  • You should drink lots of water throughout the day. It helps to remove the waste from the body and keep your body healthy.
  • Sleep is necessary to reduce stress. One should have a sound sleep of seven to eight hours. Sleep helps to rejuvenate the body cells.
  • Exercise helps to reduce stress from your body. Exercise also helps in normal functioning of all the body organs. Exercise helps in supplying proper blood to all the major parts of the body.
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