Divya Maha Sudershan Vati for Cold and Cough

Divya Maha Sudershan Vati is a wonderful herbal remedy that helps to balance pitta of the body. It is a wonderful herbal treatment for influenza. It helps to boost up the immune system and prevent recurrent viral infections. It helps to lower down body temperature during fever. It is a combination of natural cold and cough remedies that provide quick relief from cold and cough. It is also a wonderful herbal treatment for maintaining normal body temperature. It helps to control fever naturally. It may be taken regularly by the individuals who suffer from recurrent attacks of viral infection. This herbal remedy helps to manage cold and cough without producing any side effects. This balances pitta in a natural manner. It also boosts up the immune system and helps to prevent body from recurrent attacks of bacterial infection. This is made up of natural cold and cough remedies that are a useful remedy to prevent recurrent cold and cough attacks. The remedies in this product are safe and produce no side effects. It is suitable for people of all ages. Children can also take this remedy safely as it is made up of safe herbs.

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Benefits of Divya Maha Sudershan Vati

This herbal product produces a large number of benefits. Divya Maha Sudershan Vati helps in boosting up the energy and also helps to balance pitta of the body. It is an herbal remedy that controls high fever and maintains normal body temperature.

  • This herbal product consists of effective cold and coughs remedies that act on the respiratory system and produces the best results within a short period of time.
  • It is an effective product for respiratory diseases such as asthma, cold and cough. It prevents the entering of germs in the body by way of respiratory passages.
  • This herbal product provides complete protection against recurrent respiratory infections. This is believed to be an excellent treatment for cold and cough.
  • It gives relief from high fever, recurrent cough and cold attacks. It gives relief from running nose and rattling of mucus in the chest.
  • It helps to dry up the mucus from the chest to give relief from cough. It also heals the lining of the respiratory passages and helps in normal functioning of the respiratory organs.
  • This herbal remedy may be taken every day to enhance the immune system. It provides energy to the respiratory system and stimulates the normal functioning of all the respiratory organs.
  • The herbal remedies in this product also support the normal functioning of the main organs. The herbal remedies supply proper nutrients to the body and prevent recurrent infections.

Cold and Cough

Cold and cough may occur during viral infection. Cough may also be produced due to bacterial infection. It is very important to determine the cause of cough and cold to get the right medicine. There are different types of treatment available in the market and people take antiviral and antibiotics to get rid of cough and cold. Such medicines only give temporary relief and there is no permanent solution to the problem. Alternative remedies can provide safe treatment for cough and cold. Alternative herbal treatment is long lasting and provides good results if taken regularly for a long time. Cough and cold may occur due to weak immune system. Therefore, one should take remedies to boost up the immune system to prevent recurrent attacks.

Cough is mainly of two types: Dry cough and productive cough. In dry cough, there is irritation of the lining of the respiratory organs. In productive cough, there is production of white, yellowish or greenish mucus depending upon the severity of infection.

Symptoms of cough and cold

Cough and cold is present in most of the respiratory diseases. These symptoms are accompanied with other symptoms as well that help in the diagnosis of the right disease.

Cough is a common symptom that may occur in almost every respiratory problem such as asthma, Tuberculosis, whooping cough, etc.

Cold is the main symptom of allergic reactions and viral infections. There may be running or blocked nose. In viral infection, generally a person may have running nose whereas in bacterial infection, nose may get blocked.

Along with cough and cold, patient may also complain of body aches and fever.

There is dryness of mouth and excessive thirst when a person suffers from cold and cough. Headache may be present due to accumulation of mucus in the sinuses.

Causes of Cough and cold

Cough and cold may be caused by bacterial or viral infection. The main cause of cold and cough is bacterial and virus.

It may be associated with other respiratory diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis, etc. Recurrent attacks of cough and cold may occur in people who suffer from weak immunity.

Home remedies for cold and cough

Home remedies are also very useful for the treatment of cough and cold. Home remedies are very effective and give instant relief from cold and cough. These are safe remedies and may be taken regularly to prevent recurrent infections. Some effective home remedies for cold and cough treatment at home are:

  • Prepare a decoction by adding grated ginger and some tulsi leaves in half glass of water. Drink it slowly. It gives immediate relief from cold and cough. Ginger is known for its anti-bacterial properties and help to get rid of recurrent bacterial infections.
  • Chew a piece of ginger slowly so that its juice reaches your throat. This helps in the treatment of sore throat and gives relief from cough.
  • Take one teaspoon of ginger juice and add one teaspoon of honey. Take it three times in a day to get rid of cough and cold.
  • Take hot water steam to get relief from running nose and productive cough. It also gives relief from running nose. You can also add ginger in this hot water.
  • Tulsi is a wonderful home remedy for cough and cold. You can boil a few tulsi leaves in half cup of water. Take one teaspoon of water and add one teaspoon of honey. Drink it three times in a day to get relief from cough and cold.
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