Divya Kaishor Guggulu (KSHR GGL)

Divya Kaishor Guggulu is an ayurvedic formula for blood cleanse. It is an active blood purifier and helps to take care of skin diseases. Divya Kaishor guggulu is the main ingredient of this herbal product that helps in the purification of the blood. According to the ayurvedic principles it is believed to remove excessive pitta (fire) from the body and thus helps in giving clean and soothing relief to the skin. It helps in removing impurities from the blood and makes your blood pure and clean. Divya Kaishor Guggulu helps in the treatment of skin diseases that may be produced to blood disorders. It is a wonderful natural skin care product that gives natural glow and fairness to your skin. Divya Kaishor Guggulu is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which makes it a wonderful herbal remedy for skin diseases.

Benefits of Divya Kaishor Guggulu

  • Divya Kaishor Guggulu helps in blood cleanse and removing chemicals from the blood. It helps to prevent inflammatory diseases of the skin.
  • Divya Kaishor Guggulu is a natural blood purifier that provides natural glow and shine to the skin by removing harmful pollutants from the skin.
  • Divya Kaishor Guggulu provides natural protection to the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It boosts up the internal immunity of the body to resist the damage that may be produced due to UV rays of the sun.
  • Divya Kaishor Guggulu purifies your blood and gives relief from inflammatory diseases of the skin such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Divya Kaishor Guggulu is also a wonderful product for people suffering from recurrent attacks of acne and pimples.
  • Divya Kaishor Guggulu is also useful in giving natural glow and shine to the skin by providing essential nutrients to the skin.
  • Divya Kaishor Guggulu is also useful for other inflammatory diseases such as diseases of bones and joints.
  • Divya Kaishor Guggulu is a natural remedy that helps to look young and active. It keeps your skin fresh and clean.

Therapeutic uses

Divya Kaishor Guggulu is a wonderful natural skin care product that provides complete protection to your skin from harmful and inflammatory skin diseases. It provides natural nutrients to the skin to make it healthy.

Divya Kaishor Guggulu is anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce pitta from the body for complete cleansing of the blood.

Divya Kaishor Guggulu is also a very good remedy for gout and arthritis and other diseases of the bones and joints.

Direction of use:

One to two tablets of Divya Kaishor Guggulu should be taken once in a day. Take this remedy with hot water/ milk.

How long to take it?

There is no specific time period for which this remedy has to be taken. It may be taken for a long period of time as it is free from any side effects.

Diet recommendations

Diet and herbs are important for removing toxic elements from the body. After removing the toxic substances the cells of the body get rejuvenated. It is recommended to make necessary diet recommendations to achieve the results of product early. Some of the important diet recommendations include:

  • Fruits and vegetables helps to boost up the immunity. Fruits such as apple, Papaya, orange are excellent for skin diseases.
  • It is recommended that people with skin diseases should increase uptake of fluids to remove toxic substances from the body.
  • Avoid eating fried and junk foods as they may aggravate skin problems.


It is one of the safe herbal remedies for skin problems. The only precaution to be taken while taking this remedy is that it should be taken with hot water/milk.

Home remedies

  • Papaya is a very good fruit for skin. Rub papaya peel on your face. It helps to give clean look to your skin.
  • Potato is also good for skin. Take potato peel and rub on the skin. It helps in the prevention of acne and sun burns.
  • Cucumber is also good for making healthy skin. Rub cucumber peels on the face to remove dark blemishes from the skin.
  • People who have oily skin should apply paste of lemon and honey to decrese the secretion of oils from the glands.
  • Take some rose water and clean your face every day to remove dirt from the face. It prevents formation of acne.
  • Take some curd and mix cucumber juice in it. Apply this mixture on your face to get a clean, glowing skin.
  • Take powder of fenugreek seeds and add some milk to it. Make a paste and apply this paste on the face. Leave it for sometime and wash with normal water after sometime. It is an effective home remedy for all types of skin problems.
  • Take some mint leaves and powder of almonds. Make a paste by adding warm water. Apply it on the affected part of the skin to get quick relief.
What is the concept behind Divya Kaishor Guggulu?

Divya Kaishor Guggulu is a useful remedy for bringing changes in the skin. The herbs used in this natural remedy help to change your skin by providing nutrients and removing harmful toxic chemicals from blood. It naturally helps to nourish the skin cells and give you healthy and clear skin. The herbs present in Divya Kaishor guggulu are suitable for keeping skin healthy.

Customer’s reviews about Divya Kaishor Guggulu

I’m 18 years old and was suffering from acne and pimples on the face. I was worried as I tried many creams and medicines but did not get any relief. I found Divya Kaishor Guggulu and used it for 3 months. I got excellent results and now my skin is free from acne and all dark spots. Thanks Riya.

I’m 22 year old and was suffering from irritation of the skin. My skin becomes red during winters and causes lot of itching. I was looking for some herbal remedy and found this on the internet. Divya Kaishor Guggulu is a wonderful remedy for skin diseases. I’m thankful to the pharmacy for producing such a wonderful remedy for skin ailments. Thanks, Vibha.

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