Patanjali Giloy Ghan Vati For Body Strength

Weakness in body is a common complaint and different people understand weakness with different meaning. Some people feel tired, have reduced body strength and fail to do routine work. Muscle weakness refers to inability of the muscles to perform muscular work. Muscles feel weak and there is reduced strength in the muscles. Weakness and fatigue are used together but these are two different things. Weakness in body is lack of physical strength. A person has to exert extra effort to move body parts. When a person tries to do work against the will of the body, it will result in pain. Fatigue is a condition when a person feels less body strength and wants to take rest. There is lack of energy and body strength. Weakness and fatigue are not diseases, these two are symptoms associated with other medical diseases.

Immunity is necessary to remain fit and healthy. Immune system protects our body from recurrent health problems. Immune system consists of cells that act as defence against diseases and germs. Generally white blood cells are responsible to protect our body from infections and diseases. When white blood cells become defective, it may cause weak immune system that may produce diseases. Therefore, it is necessary that one should take proper measures for booting immune system.

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Causes of muscle weakness

A person may feel weakness in body after doing heavy muscular work at a stretch. Muscles may feel weak and tired. There may be soreness all over the body. It may go away in a few days. Some common health problems in which a person may experience weakness in body are:

  • Disorders of the thyroid gland because this gland regulates the production of energy in the body.
  • Nerve disorders can also cause weakness of the body.
  • Muscular disorder such as myasthenia gravis can produce weakness and muscle fatigue.
  • Low levels of sodium and potassium can also produce muscle fatigue and weakness in body.
  • Muscle weakness and fatigue may also result due to low immune system.
  • Sedentary lifestyle can also produce muscle weakness. When muscles are not used, they may become inactive and cause muscle problems. It is important that one should do regular exercise.
  • Ageing can also cause weakness in body and loss of body strength. One should eat a healthy diet to remain healthy and fit.
  • Intake of prescription medications also produces weakness of muscles.

If there is a sudden problem in any muscle, it may produce a serious health problem. Therefore, it is necessary to take right treatment for muscle weakness and fatigue.

Natural remedy for boosting immune system

There are many natural ways to reduce muscle weakness and for boosting immune system. One should use natural ways to boost up the immune system. Natural remedies are safe and do not produce any adverse effects. Patanjali Giloy ghan vati is a combination of natural herbs that helps in boosting immune system. The herbs found in this remedy are natural and produce great results. It also helps to increase body strength. There are many natural remedies available in the market, but this herbal remedy is the most useful natural remedy for boosting up the energy.

Benefits of using Patanjali Giloy ghan vati

Patanjali giloy ghan vati is an excellent remedy for reducing weakness of muscles and for boosting immune system. Some other benefits of this herbal remedy are:

  • Patanjali giloy ghan vati is a useful remedy for increasing energy and for balancing the hormones.
  • It helps in increasing the strength of the muscles.
  • It also helps in increasing body strength.
  • It prevents recurrent infections by boosting immune system.
  • It prevents you from muscular pains by increasing the supply of blood to the muscles.
  • It provides proper nutrition to your body cells and enhances energy.
  • It prevents you from body aches, tiredness and weakness of muscles.
  • It helps to increase the appetite.

Home remedies for fatigue and muscle weakness

Home remedies are very useful for reducing muscle fatigue and weakness in body. Home remedies are safe and may be taken regularly for boosting immune system. Some important home remedies for boosting immune system and reducing muscle weakness are:

  • Take a glass of milk and put two table spoons of honey. Mix it well and drink it two times in a day. It reduces muscle weakness and fatigue.
  • Take five or six Indian gooseberry. Crush them and make a paste. Add it to one glass of water and boil it for 15 minutes. Then, allow it to cool and strain the water. Drink this liquid two times in a day. You can also add one tea spoon of honey to this mixture.
  • Never skip your breakfast. Always eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Drink more water and other fluids such as fruit juice or milk shakes to boost up your energy and to reduce tiredness and weakness.
  • Change your lifestyle. Do some exercise to make your muscles move. It helps in proper circulation of the blood to all the parts of the body.
  • Take one medium sized potatoes. Peel is and cut into slices. Put these slices in a glass of water and keep it overnight. Drink this water in the morning. This water will be full of potassium and help to reduce muscle weakness and fatigue immediately.
  • Spinach is also good to provide necessary vitamins and minerals to the body. Add spinach to your daily diet and reduce fatigue and muscle weakness.
  • It is necessary to take proper sleep at night. Fix the same time for sleeping and waking up in the morning to reduce fatigue.
  • Eat one or two apples every day. Apples are rich sources of vitamins and minerals and help to boost up energy. They also help to lower cholesterol.
  • Take a glass of warm water and add one or two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to it. Drink this mixture everyday in the morning to enhance your energy level.
  • Drink a glass of carrot juice daily to boost up your energy. Carrots are rich in anti-oxidants and help to remove the free radicals from the body.

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