Depressive Disorders

Depression is a mental problem and as a result you have low mood, no pleasure, have guilt, no sleep or appetite, less energy with poor concentration. Some of the depressive disorders can be chronic and gives way to extensive impairments in patient’s stamina for doing his day today work. Any one at any age or gender can be caught by the problem.

Herbal Remedies for Depression

Divya Ashwagandha is an herbal remedy for depression. It is also known with the name winter berry. This is 4000 years old herb which is still used for its therapeutic values. It is helpful in increasing the energy as well as stamina and strength of a person. Not only this, it has properties of anti-stress and so can cure the tiredness and fatigue and thus makes to fit and energetic. This herb also works for those who don’t want to grow old fast as this has anti-aging properties. It is also used for the treating different vatadosha. Arthritis, swelling and some kinds of ailments can also be treated with the remedy. You have to take 2 capsules of the Divya Ashwagandha on daily basis for a month after having your meal. After using this you will not only got relief from the problem but also have good memory and presence of mind. Read More

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A person is caused by the problem if he/ she have family history of having the same problem. There may be some other factors like stress, sad environment but you can protect yourself from this cause due to taking a gap from the place. Some people may have major depression and this happens due to family history of depression. Financial issues, chronic illness, unwelcome changes in life, serious loss, and difficulty in relationships can also be the cause of the depression. Usually who are mentally, physically harassed are also caused by the problem very easily.

Sometimes when we are taking medication for any illness then are caused by the depression and some of the these health issues are cancer, high blood pressure, extreme pain and seizures. For the treatment of alcoholism and anxiety usually doctors used to give sleeping pills the may also cause depression.


It is not possible that everyone having depression have all the symptoms as some of the patients have some kind of symptoms while others have other symptoms. Even some have fewer symptoms but some face severe symptoms. Here given are some of the warning signs of the depression. A person faced depression feels angry, sad, anxious, empty mood and irritated all the time. He/she also have lack of interest in doing all works.

He feels that he is hopeless, not worthy and there is a kind of guilt in it. He even doesn’t want to do his day today work. Even there is less appetite or weight loss, insomnia and getting up early in morning is another symptom. He/ she may have suicidal tendencies and so feeling about death all the time. He doesn’t want to stay in groups for more as he started loving isolation. Some of the physical symptoms are headache, chronic pain and digestive disorders.


Exercise is good for mental health and this is proved by many surveys. You need to get some tips so that you can understand and do it in a better way. When you are having feeling of depression and anxiety then you need to do some simple exercises like walking or swimming as this will help to elevate your mood. This is also good for the better health as it is also said that healthy mind stays at healthy body.Regular exercises keep you away from problems like depression, insomnia, anxiety and improve your mood. It discharges the feel good chemicals in brain and so you feel less or no more depressed.

Also, when you do exercises you feel confidence and you can take steps to create a new shape of your appearance. When you do exercise in group it is possible that you interact with new people and it helps to increase your social network and this friendly neighborhood helps to keep you smiling all the time. When you are in group you have no need to think negative things.


So many depressed people used to depend over alcohol and other drugs to keep anxiety and negative thoughts away from mind. But they forgot it will put bad effect over them as not only their medicines will go worthless but also they caught in more complicated situation. So, avoid having alcohol. Even excessive caffeine is also bad for health and should be avoided.

Dietary Tips for Depressed People

You need to eat a nutritious diet as it gives way to growth, wellness and repair of cells. This nutrition is protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals and little amount of fats. Even if you have deficiency of any of the nutrient then may fall ill. Along with that try to eat protein rich diet as it is known to increase the alertness in people. For the purpose you can have yogurt, fish, milk, soy items, peas, beans, low fat cheese, poultry, tuna, chicken, turkey and amino acids. Have protein diet several times in a day. It will boost your energy and mind.

You can also eat Vitamin D in good amount because its deficiency put direct effect over mind. Even the receptors of Vitamin D found in brain area. So, eat or get vitamin D in good amount to deal with the problem. Mineral named selenium is good for health. It also helps in maintaining good mood. Try to have in good amount but have that in form of diet in place of having supplements as it will then provide better results.

Home Remedies for Depression

  • Apple- For those facing problems with mental health should eat apple regularly. Vitamin B, phosphorus and potassium are found in the fruit which all are wonderful for the brain nerve health.
  • Cashew nut- This is helpful to cure nerve weakness. Vitamin B group can be easily found in the specific dietary item. It stimulates the nervous system as well as appetite. So, you feel energetic and cheerful.
  • Cardamom- You can boil the cardamom seeds in a cup of water. You can add that to your tea as this is a natural treatment for depression.
  • Rose- Take 15 gm of rose petals and add in 250ml of boiling water. Now, you can drink the resultant water after small gaps when you have curb to drink alcohol, coffee or tea. It will also make you feel better.
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