Depression is a mental disorder. There are different causes of depression and people of all ages may suffer from this problem during any part of life. In conventional system, people take remedies that suppress the activity of the brain. Such remedies produce many harmful effects on the body. Home remedies for depression help in natural depression cures. Some useful and effective home remedies for depression are given below:

  • People suffering from depression should take proper sleep. Loss of sleep or reduced sleep is responsible for producing irritability and enhances the symptoms of depression.
  • It is important that family members should stay with such a patient for most of the time during the day. Family members should try to engage the patient in recreational activities to avoid depressive symptoms.
  • Healthy diet is necessary to fight against any kind of illness. So, one should eat healthy and nutritious food to increase the supply of blood to the brain.
  • Chocolate is believed to be effective in reducing the symptoms of depression. Depressive patients should eat one chocolate per week to reduce the symptoms.
  • Exercise and meditation is very useful for getting rid of depression. Meditation increases blood supply and energy to the brain cells and gives relief from depressive symptoms.

Herbal remedies for depression

Herbal remedies for depression are safe and effective. Herbal remedies give natural depression cures. The package of herbal remedies for depression is a combination of natural and time tested herbs that give quick relief from the symptoms of depression. Therefore, people suffering from depression should try this package of herbal remedies for depression. The herbal remedies in this package give natural treatment from depression. There are no adverse effects on the functioning of other body organs. The package for herbal remedies consists of the following remedies:

Medha Kvatha: It is a wonderful natural depression cures that provide instant relief from the symptoms of depression. It increases the supply of oxygen and blood to the brain and helps to get rid of different moods.

Moti Pisti: It is found to be a wonderful herbal remedy for brain disorders such as depression. It helps to balance the hormones that deal with the depression. It helps to get rid of the symptoms quickly.

Pravala Pisti: This herbal remedy may be used regularly for getting rid of the depressive state of mind. It stabilizes mood of a person and helps to live happy life. It increases serotonin production that deals with the depression naturally.

Godanti Bhasm: It is an excellent remedy for depression. It is a natural depression cures that supply nutrients to the brain cells. It helps to get rid of depression quickly. It also helps to improve memory and concentration.

Medha Vati: This herbal remedy is found to be the best remedy for brain disorders. People suffering from depression can take this herbal remedy to prevent recurrent attacks of depression. It stimulates the brain cells to release stress related hormones to get rid of the problem naturally. It does not produce any side effects when taken regularly.

Dosage and mode of administration

Mix 1, 2, 3 and 4 medicine together. Divide the mixture into sixty equal parts and take one part everyday in the morning and evening before meals with a glass of water or honey.

Take 2-2 tablets of medicine no.5, every day, after meals with a glass of water or milk.

What is depression?

Depression is a state of mind when a person is sad and loses interest in life. It is a difficult condition to deal with. It not only affects the mental ability but also produces a great impact on the physical abilities of a person. People suffering from depression remains sad and cry over little things. They do not want to remain in the company of friends and relatives. This state of mind could be temporary or long lasting. In some individuals, it lasts for a few days and passes away but in some people it stays for a longer period of time and produces a great impact on their daily living activities. Depression can be easily treated by using natural remedies.

Causes of depression

Every individual may have a different cause of depression. Some of the important causes of depression are:

  • Improper secretion of neurotransmitters can lead to depression. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals secreted by brain cells that help to balance mental state.
  • Sudden loss of a family member, loss in business or any untoward incident in the family can also lead to depression.
  • It is hereditary as well. In some families, genes may be transferred from parents to their children and it runs in the members of the same family.
  • Lack of nutrients in the diet is also responsible for producing depression. Intake of too many prescription drugs can produce depression.

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Symptoms of depression

People suffering from depression may show some peculiar mental symptoms. It is important to diagnose the condition at an early stage. Some important symptoms of depression are:

  • There is continuous brooding over small issues. The patient has no interest in anything. Depressive people want to live alone as they do not like the company of anyone.
  • There is complete hopelessness in everything.
  • Sleep reduces due to reduced activity of brain cells.
  • Headache, anger and mood changes are common.
  • Weakness may occur in all the body parts. There is loss of stamina and energy.
  • Unable to concentrate on one thing. Patient becomes restless and anxious. May doubt everything and loses trust on family members.
  • Tendency to commit suicide is common in people suffering from depression.
  • Loss of appetite and frequent gastric complaints occur in people suffering from depression.
  • Likes to stay in a dark room and does not like to meet anyone.
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