Deafness, Otorrhagia & Tympanitis

Otorrhagia refers to bleeding from the ears. It mainly occurs due to leech bite. Bleeding from the ears may also occur due to an injury, after any kind of surgery or trauma to the ear. Other problems of ear may include tympanitis and deafness. Tympanitis is the inflammation of the tympanic membrane inside the ear. It may lead to deafness. Inflammation may occur due to prolonged viral or bacterial infection. Throat infection may extend to the ear and can lead to tympanitis. Children suffer from this problem due to recurrent attacks of throat infection. Deafness may be congenital or acquired. It means that a child may not have an ability of hearing by birth or it may lose ability during lifetime due to a prolonged illness or infection of the ear. Early diagnosis of the problem and right treatment can help to prevent the loss of hearing. The normal range for hearing in human beings is 20-20000Hz. When it becomes difficult to hear sounds within this range it is termed as hearing loss. Some individuals may have partial hearing loss and others may have complete hearing loss. Age is also a contributing factor. People become hard of hearing as they grow older.

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Causes of deafness

Deafness may occur due to a variety of causes. Some of the important causes of deafness are:

  • Deafness may occur due to recurrent infection of the middle or inner ear. It damages the tympanic membrane of the ear that may result in deafness.
  • Genetic disorders are also responsible for producing deafness by birth. There are many new born infants who are hard of hearing by birth due to some congenital abnormality.
  • Acquired deafness may occur during lifetime. It may occur due to exposure to loud noise for a very long period of time.
  • Deafness may also occur due to prolonged illness or any systemic disease.


People suffering from any kind of ear problem may present certain common symptoms. It is important to pay attention to the symptoms to diagnose the disease. The most common symptoms that may occur in any kind of ear problem are:

  • Pain is the most common symptom that is present in all kinds of ear problems. Pain may extend to the head.
  • Swelling of the ear may also occur due to infection of the tympanic membrane.
  • Accumulation of pus may be present due to severe infection of the ear. It is due to the bacterial or viral infection.
  • Patient may also complain of ringing in the ear. There is sensation of different sounds coming into the ear.
  • Accumulation of pus may also produce vertigo. This is because ear is also responsible for maintaining body balance.

Home remedies for hearing loss

Home remedies for hearing loss are very useful for hearing loss. Home remedies are safe and can prevent hearing loss due to any injury or recurrent infection of the tympanic membrane. Home remedies are safe and may be taken regularly to prevent hearing loss due to age.

  • Take two teaspoons of onion juice and add two teaspoons of water. Mix it properly and instil one drop of this mixture in each ear every day to prevent hearing loss. It is also a wonderful home remedy for earache.
  • Almond juice is also a wonderful remedy to get relief from earache. Put lukewarm almond oil in both ears to prevent infection and reduce pain and swelling of the ears.
  • Grape fruit juice extract is also an excellent remedy for earache. It helps to reduce inflammation of the tympanic membranes. You can instil one drop in each ear to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Garlic juice also helps in reducing pain and swelling in the ears. Warm one teaspoon of garlic juice and instil one drop in each ear after it cools down. It reduces inflammation and pain in the ear.
  • Warm one teaspoon of mustard oil and instil in both ears to reduce pain and inflammation. It is an excellent remedy for pain and inflammation.
  • People who remain exposed to loud noise for a longer period of time should use ear aids to prevent ears. They should avoid exposure to loud sounds to prevent hearing loss.
  • Older people should eat healthy diet to prevent hearing loss and should avoid too cold or too sweet things to prevent infection of the ears.

Natural remedies for hearing loss

Package of Herbal Remedies for Deafness, Otorrhagia & Tympanitis

Package for otorrhagia, tympanitis and deafness is a wonderful combination of natural remedies that help in the treatment of any kind of ear problem. All the remedies are natural and give relief from any kind of ear problem quickly without producing any side effects. This package of natural remedies is safe for the people of all ages. It may be taken regularly during old age to prevent degenerative changes. The package of herbal remedies prevents recurrent infections of the ear. All the natural remedies in this package are believed to be very useful for the treatment of deafness and tympanitis.

Divya Sarivadi vati: It is a wonderful herbal remedy for the treatment of partial deafness of the ears. It helps to prevent recurrent infection of the ear by boosting up the immunity. It gives quick relief from pain and bleeding from the ear. It enhances the supply of nutrients to the ears and gives immediate relief.

Divya Chandra Prabha vati: It is believed to be an excellent remedy for bleeding from the ears. It also helps to prevent recurrent infections. It is a natural cure for deafness. It helps in natural healing of infection in the tympanic membrane. It prevents hearing loss and also provides quick relief from the symptoms of hearing loss and ear infection.

Divya Silajita Rasayana: It is found to be another useful remedy for recurrent ear infections. It is a safe herbal remedy that prevents infection in the ears. It is a natural cure for deafness. It helps to recover from hearing loss naturally by supplying proper nutrients to the ears. It is an excellent remedy for hearing loss due to advancing age.

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