Chronic Rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis occurs due to inflammation of the nasal passages. Infection of mucous membranes may occur due to a virus or bacteria. It is an irritating condition as there is watery discharge from the nose that irritates the sides of the nose. People take anti-allergic remedies to stop sneezing and irritation of nose. These conventional anti-allergic remedies provide only temporary relief. Chronic rhinitis treatment also consists of steroids that may produce other side effects in the body. People who suffer from allergic rhinitis should avoid the contact with the allergens to prevent recurrent symptoms. The most common cause of allergic rhinitis is pollens. When a person who is sensitive to mild environment changes comes in contact with the pollens, he/she may suffer from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Natural remedies for rhinitis are effective and give quick relief from the symptoms. Natural remedies are also safe and provide long lasting results. Home remedies for rhinitis also help in getting quick relief from the symptoms of rhinitis. It is easy to get rid of this problem by suitable treatment. One should visit a physician for definite diagnosis of the condition.

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Chronic rhinitis symptoms

There are some typical symptoms that are present in people who suffer from chronic rhinitis. The important symptoms that may help in the diagnosis of the condition are:

  • It is triggered due to low levels of moisture in the atmosphere. Dryness of air causes symptoms of rhinitis. Dryness irritates the mucous membranes of nose while breathing in air and produce sneezing.
  • It may also occur due to structural abnormalities. Many people have deviated nasal septum or enlarged adenoids that may trigger the symptoms of chronic rhinitis.
  • The most common symptom that is present in people who suffer from rhinitis includes ear infections, throat irritation, headache and formation of nasal polyps. Congestion of the head may occur due to accumulation of mucus in the nasal passages.
  • The patient may have running nose and there is frequent sneezing. There is continuous dropping of water from the eyes. Redness and itching of the eyes occur due to watery discharge. It may also sometimes produce burning of the skin around eyes and nose.
  • Throat becomes sensitive to sour foods and recurrent infection may occur. There is irritation and itching sensation in the throat.
  • Patient may feel weak and tired. Fever may be present if infection occurs due to the presence of bacteria. Patient may have chilliness. Warmth may give relief.

Natural remedies for rhinitis

The package of natural remedies for rhinitis is a blend of natural remedies that help to prevent the recurrent symptoms. Regular intake of these herbal and natural remedies helps to get rid of all signs and symptoms. This package is a wonderful chronic rhinitis treatment. The herbal and natural remedies for rhinitis are:

Divya Swasari Ras: It is a wonderful remedy for allergic rhinitis. It boosts up the immunity and offers immediate relief from rhinitis and its symptoms.

Divya Srnga Bhasma: This herbal remedy helps in the treatment of any kind of respiratory problem. It provides relief from headache and continuous congestion in the nose and head.

Divya Abhraka bhasma: It is found to be a great herbal remedy for the treatment of chronic rhinitis. It gives nutrition to the mucous membranes and help to get rid of symptoms quickly. It offers long lasting results without producing any side effects.

Divya Sitopaladi Churna: It is an excellent herbal remedy for preventing chronic rhinitis. It gives relief from frequent sneezing. It also reduces inflammation of the mucous membranes and provides relief from stuffed nose. It also provides relief from headache. It boosts up the immune system and helps to get rid of frequent episodes of rhinitis.

Divya Pravala pisti: It may be used regularly to prevent the recurrent infections. It helps to enhance the immunity and prevent the virus to become active. It prevents your body from the recurrent infections.

Divya Trikatu Churna: It is a combination of three herbal remedies for chronic rhinitis. It may be taken regularly to boost up the immune system. It makes the environment of your body inhospitable for the growth of a virus.

Divya Lakshmi vilasa: It is traditionally believed to be a wonderful natural remedy for the treatment of rhinitis. It gives quick relief from sneezing and other symptoms of rhinitis.

Divya Sanjivani vati: It is one of the wonderful herbs available for the natural treatment of rhinitis. It prevents recurrent attacks by boosting immunity. It supports the normal functioning of the respiratory system.

Home remedies for rhinitis

You may find a large number of home remedies for rhinitis in your home. Home remedies are easily available in every home and can be used directly for getting quick relief from the symptoms of rhinitis. Home remedies for rhinitis also boost up immune system and prevent recurrent attacks. Some useful and effective home remedies are:

  • Try to drink lukewarm water after meals. This helps to liquefy the mucus and gives relief from congestion of nose and head.
  • Avoid stress by doing meditation or getting a good sleep. It is important to avoid stress to prevent recurrent attacks.
  • Take half a glass of grapefruit juice and add one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice to it. Boil the mixture and drink it slowly to get an immediate relief from the congestion of nose and head.
  • Avoid doing dusting or any such work to prevent aggravation of the symptoms. Dust may produce allergic conditions and can aggravate the symptoms of rhinitis.
  • People suffering from rhinitis should avoid keeping pets in homes. If you have pets and you suffer from rhinitis, keep your pets outside your home as animal dander can produce allergic conditions in your home and can affect your health.
  • One should take sufficient rest to get relief from allergic rhinitis symptoms. Make a decoction by adding a few basil leaves and a few small pieces of ginger and drink it slowly to get relief from allergic symptoms.
  • Grape seed extract is also an excellent home remedy for rhinitis. It is natural anti-histamine and helps to get immediate relief from sneezing and other symptoms of rhinitis.
  • Use a humidifier in your home to prevent the aggravation of symptoms.
  • Drink ginger tea once or twice in a day to get relief from congestion of nose. Ginger has anti-inflammatory substances that help to prevent recurrent infections.
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