Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is also known as CFS and it is a complex disorder having profound fatigue. Patients are unable to get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms even after taking rest. If doing any physical or mental work for long then the condition can be worsen. Patient may also have pain in muscles, weakness, impaired memory, insomnia and mental concentration too.

Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is true that the exact cause of the disease is still under cover but still some of the causes can be said after some researches and these are inflammation in nervous system and the reason is response of faulty immune system. Some of the other causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are stress, age factor, genetics, and any illness in past and environmental factors. Usually woman between 30-50 years of age are caused by the disease.


The symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are very simple and some of them are matched with flu and some viral infections. Some of other symptoms are headache, extreme fatigue and muscle problems. The symptoms stay for 6 months and sometimes more. Extreme tiredness is the main cause of problem and it stays for longer period of time. Also, it is new and condition doesn’t go better even after taking rest. Sometimes the problem becomes so severe so that patient is not able to do even simple tasks of his/her daily routine.

Some people even face some other issues like they feel so much tired after doing exercise and the time period is very much longer than the normal one. Some patient’s feel confused, have forgetfulness and have problems with concentration and even after taking proper sleep he/she don’t feel fresh. Also, had pain in joint area but the swelling and any kind of redness is absent. Feeling of irritation, severe headache, muscle pains, having mild fever. Having weakness in muscles, sore throat, and sore lymph nodes in the under arms and neck area are some other symptoms of the disease.

Herbal Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Treatment with the use of herbs is time honored effort for maintaining the health and strength of body.


This is a wonder herb and that is the reason is been used in medical world from years for the treatment of so many health issues. Ginseng is critical component in immune system which helps to fight with CFS and also AIDS. It is also good to relieve fatigue too. You can prepare a cup of tea with the herb by add a spoon of herb in a cup of hot water. Now, steep covered for next 10 minutes for flowers or leaves. Next 20 minutes steep covered for roots. Have the 2-4 cups of resultant solution every day.

Ginseng increased the risk of bleeding. Also, those who are patients of heart diseases, prostate cancer, ovarian and uterine should avoid this.


This herb is helpful to boost the immune system and so you are suggested to take 200mg of the Echinacea 2 times in a day. Those who are suffering with auto immune issues should avoid that.


As mentioned above those who are suffering with the problem of CFS face difficulty in doing the daily tasks and sometimes it even worsens the symptoms. Those who are having chronic illness can try the vigorous exercises but on the other hand, people with CFS are not able to tolerate the normal exercise routine.

Also, it is true the exercise routine may help to improve functions of the patients but at the same time they have to face some post exercise malaise. It can even stay for week or in some cases lasts for months. So, it is good to try pace activities by the people with CFS. The activity should start slowly and increased gradually. To measure your amount of exercise you can use pedometer. It will help you to measure physical activity along with your heart rate. As rest is necessary so you must try the exercise in small segments. You must do that according to your activity.


You should not consume alcohol as have toxins and very high amount of sugar which can put bad effects over body. Also, internal organs also become stressed out after having alcohol. Caffeine is also avoidable by the CFS patient. Processed foods are a complete no for CFS patient because the toxins make the food poisonous for the body. Trans fat are known as energy killers and you have to keep distance from them. Some of the items like white noodles, white bread and pasta have about no nutrition and so just make to obese. So, it is intelligent thought to avoid them.


The main thing which you can try with your diet is that you have to limit down the intake of chemicals as well as toxins in your body. The reason when the body expends to process the toxins, they feel tired. Also, try to avoid foods which are over processed. You can also remove one or two vices as it is helpful to transform the energy level. It sucks the minerals and vitamins from the body. You diet should be natural and clean.

You can make some changes in your diet as you can have less saturated fats and animal protein. Limit down the intake of dairy items. Also, use less oils and fats. Depend over fresh vegetables, whole grains and seasonal fruits.

Lifestyle or Home Remedies for Chronic fatigue Syndrome- following given are some of the self-care tips which will help you in better way.

  • Lessen the Stress- take some changes in your routine so that you fell little stressed rather physical, mental or emotional stress. So, you have to learn to say without feeling any guilt.
  • Maintain Good Sleeping Habits- everyday go to your bed and wake up at same time. Avoid daytime napping too.
  • Pace Yourself- As you are not allowed to stress yourself. So, you have to keep the activity on an even level.
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