Cervical Spondylitis

Cervical Spondylitis is a very common disorder which usually caught the people above 55 but today it is attacking over the people between 35 – 45. A pressure takes place the spine which changes into pain, weakness and numbness in different parts of body. So many reasons can be the causes of cervical spondylitis.


  • We used to sit and sleep in wrong posture which can further result in pain in cervical region.
  • Those who have very stiff muscles in the cervical region and are avoiding the condition then after a long time can have a condition of paining cervical spine.
  • So many people have habit of sleeping with so many pillows under the neck area and this unnatural position puts effect over the alignment of cervical column and thus caused the forward inclination.
  • Today we have a habit of sitting in front of computers of Television for long hours which may put pressure over the spine.
  • When we sleep with the neck and shoulder muscles compresses, it puts bad effect over the neck area. Because the neck bent then and the front surface of disc and bones becomes pressurized and injury takes place.
  • The newly designed chairs are designed as bad as they put pressure over the neck and no chair reached to neck to support it which can cause cervical spondylitis.

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The main and major symptoms of the problem is pain in neck which used becomes severe with exertion but when you were at early stage it goes fuse after taking rest. Usually the pain radiates in the downward to the hands. In that case even fingers go numb. In some cases symptoms goes severe due to chronic pressure. The pain also travels from fingers to chest and shoulder which depends over the side which is paining. The pain is continuous and make the movement limits as well as painful.

Herbal remedies for Cervical Spondylitis

The remedies mentioned in the package are totally based over nature and so are free from any kind of side effects even you used them for long time. This pack is known for its benefits in case of relieving you from problems like backache and cervical spondylitis.

You can have Swarna Maksika Bhasm (10gm). Pravala Pisti (10 gm), Brihad vat Chintamani Ras (1gm) and  Ekangaveer rasa (10 gm). Now, mix all the together. Now, make 60 equal parts of the mixture. Take one part of it in morning with empty stomach either with warm milk or water or with honey. Take next part in evening in the same way.

Take 1-1 tablets from both chandrabrabha Vati (40gm) and Trayodashang Guggulu (40gm) three times in a day after breakfast, lunch and dinner milk or hot water. If you will take this for 1 month then also will get you free from pain and numbness due to cervical spondylitis.


Those who are having cervical spondylitis must do regular exercise as it is necessary for building the strength and flexibility. Firm matters and thin pillows should be used for sleeping. At the day time you must wear the cervical collar. Try to do low impact aerobic exercise and even you can do walking. Avoid sitting for longer period of time and to avoid the situation you can take small breaks. Don’t lift heavy weight over the head or on neck area. Driving for long hours also includes concentration which further changes into pain in neck area.


Those who are having cervical spondylitis face difficulty in moving the neck in back position. It is not a muscle spasm as it is an inherent problem. Those who practice the back bent can feel relieve from the issue. So many asanas can be practiced even at home or at yogic centers which are meant to provide you relieve from the cervical spondylitis. Some of the common and effective ones are halasana, sarvangasana and back bent.


People who are elders and also suffering from cervical spondylitis must eat lots of salad and this must include raw vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, carrot, lettuce in diet and two servings of seamed cooked vegetables is also necessary. The vegetables that can be steamed are cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce.Also, have fruits in good amount. In place of having three meals try to eat four times in a day. Vitamin C and proteins are the two things which are essential for bone health. Calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D are other things necessarily important for healthy bones.

Don’t eat too spicy, fatty and fried food. Sour curd, sugar, sweets and tea or coffee should also be avoided. Storage foods spoil the nutrients from food. So, avoid having them.

Home Remedies for Cervical Spondylitis

Here given are some of the tips which you can use even with your kitchen items and get easy and quick relief.

  • Garlic- you can have 2-3 capsules of garlic in the morning on daily basis it will give you relief from pain. You can also prepare an oil with garlic and rub the affected area with that oil and keep it there for next 3 hours, After that have a bath with warm water to get quick and easy relief. Repeat the process for next 15days. To prepare the oil take about 10 garlic cloves in a pan and now add 60 gram oil in it. Now, fry the cloves on simmer flame till the garlic changes it color to brown. This is the oil which you can use anytime you feel pain and numbness in the area.
  • Lemon Juice- take some lemon juice. Now, add common salt in it. Have the mixture two – three times in a day.
  • Oil Massage- You can use any herbal oil and massage the area with that oils it is wonderful as well as easy remedy to give you relief from pain. Also, it will not take much time of yours it just takes about 5-10 minutes daily.
  • Walking, swimming and cycling are the ways to improve the supply of nutrients to the spinal discs and also it helps to delay the process of deterioration.
  • Try to do joint movement. You can also move your fingers in anti-clockwise and clockwise after small intervals to avoid stiffness.
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