Cataract is a condition where the natural lens of eyes that lies behind the iris and pupil becomes cloudy. Mostly people above 40 caught by the disease. It is the main cause of blindness throughout the world. There are different types of cataracts which caught millions of people.

Causes of Cataract-Eye lens is like lens of camera as it focus the light onto the retina. Also, it adjusts the focus of eyes and that is why a man can be able to see things far or near you. The lens is made up with protein and water. Protein is used as that way as it keeps the lens clear and so let the light pass through it. When we grow up protein combines together it creates cloudy impression over the eyes. This condition is cataract and it becomes worse as the time passes and so it becomes hard to see.

There is no certain cause of cataract as the age passes. After so many researches we reached to the conclusion that exposure to the ultraviolet rays may result in cataract. That is reason sunglasses are suggested to use to protect from sunlight. People having diabetes are also at the risk of developing cataract.

Signs and Symptoms- usually cataract comes with small effects over the eyesight in the starting stage. Even the blurred vision, things appear small are general symptoms. Also, cataract may make light from any lamp or from sun and so things appear too bright. If driving car at night then perhaps headlights cause more bright than usual. Also, colors appear dull even the dark colors too. When nuclear cataract takes place, then you will experience a bit improvement in second sight but when you reached to next stage the condition goes worse. In case, you experience any of the signs then definitely consult the eye doctor.

Herbal Remedies for Cataract- Here are given some of the herbal remedies that not only help to strengthen the eyes but also removes the cataract.

Have Divya Amlaki Rasayana (200gm), Divya Mukta Sukti Bhasm (200gm), and Divya Saptamrta Lauh (20gm). Now, mix the three well. Have 2 spoons of the mixture two times in a day before having breakfast and next having before dinner. You have option either to take the medicine with water or with honey.If you have the medicine then you will fell rejuvenation in your eyes. It also strengthens the eyes and helps to improve eye sight.

You can also have Divya Maha Triphala Ghrit (200ml). You can take a spoon of this medicine two times a day first in the morning and other at night with milk.It will help to lessen the eye strain.

Divya Dristhi 20 ml is wonderful eye drops. Also, you have put the eye drops two times in a day first in morning and next at evening.

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Exercise- Usually people today work with computers and that is why eyes have to face so many strains. So, you must try some of the exercises mentioned below as they help you to strengthen the muscles around eyes.

Eye Comfort Exercises- you have to try some of the exercises which help to moisten the eyes as blinking is good one because it lubricates the eyes by producing tears. Other one is yawning; it also gives way to tears and then moisturizes the eyes. Also, exposure to natural light is also good for eye comfort.

Another exercise, when you seated support the elbows over the desk. Lose all the weight down. Put the hands over eyes in that way as it gives the idea of placing cups over eyes. Close your eyes. Slowly start inhaling and hold for next 4 seconds. Deep breath for next 20-30 seconds.

Eye Movements- Close your eyes. Now, slowly moves the eyes in upward motion and then downward motion. Repeat the same for 3 times. Then, close your eyes. Next, move the eyes in left side and slowly in the right side. Also, repeat the same for 3 times.

Focus Change- Keep one of your finger on the inches away from eye. Try to keep your focus on that finger. Slowly keep the finger away. Now, keep finger few inches far and focus on that area. Repeat the same process for 3 times.

Advice-those who use to do cigarette smoking, have alcohol in moderate amount and used to go in areas having air pollution are at the highest risk of having cataract. So, you must avoid doing such things.

Diet- Those having cataract are advised to have a diet which is rich in antioxidants like beta carotene (vitamin A), Vitamin C and E, and Selenium. Lessen the salt intake in your diet as it may worsen the condition.Those who eat green vegetables helps to deal with cataract. Those who regularly eat meats about 3.5 ounces of meat in a day are at the highest risk of having the disease. Meat eaters are at the 40% more risk of having cataract compared to fish eaters or vegetarians. It really doesn’t mean that you have completely vanishes the meat from the diet but thing which is important is to lessen the intake of meat in your diet. Eat nutritious vegetables it will also help to fight with the problem of catarct.

Home Remedies for Cataracts

  • Mix a cup of rose petals along with 4 spoons of raspberry leaves and 4 cups of boiling water. Now, leave the mixture as it is for next 30 minutes. Strain the water and now, wash the eyes with the water. You will get refreshing feeling.
  • Spinach is good for eye health and so you need to eat spinach in good amount. It contains carotenoid which is good for retina and eye tissues.
  • Vitamin A is wonderful for eyes and so eats foods rich in Vitamin A.
  • One need to eat the foods rich in Vitamin E and C and some of the foods are kale, berries, spinach, blackberries, blueberries and cherries.
  • One should lessen the intake of dairy items and saturated fats because the products produce free radicals which are responsible for cataract and eye lens damage.
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