Benefits Of Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is a process when the mother feeds the baby from her breasts. It is a proud moment for every mother to feed the baby with breast milk. It should be done in proper position so that the child may get enough milk. It is the first good given to the child after birth. The first milk from mother’s breast is the most useful food for the infant. It consists of the best nutrients. Some mother’s avoid giving the first milk due to traditional beliefs but it is a wrong belief and first milk is the best milk for your baby.

Benefits of breast milk

Breast milk is the best source of nutrients for the infant. It helps in the proper growth of an infant. It provides proper nutrients to the child. Every child should be fed with breast milk at least till the age of 1 year. It is the healthiest food for the infant.
Breast feeding is also useful for the mother. It helps to prevent breast cancer. It also helps in balancing the hormones. It helps mothers to lose weight and get into proper shape after the delivery of the child.
Breast milk helps in the growth of proper milestones in the child. It helps to make your child intelligent. Studies reveal that children who remain on mother’s milk as compared to formula milk are more intelligent.

Breast feeding diet

It is important that the mother should eat a well balanced breast feeding diet during breast feeding. During infancy, a child gets its nourishment from the mother’s milk. If a mother will not eat a nutritious diet, the growing infant will also not get proper nutrients. Therefore, it is very important that the breast feeding mothers should take care of their diet and should eat a well balanced breast feeding diet to provide proper nutrients to the child.
Breast feeding moms should eat at least 500 calories extra to provide proper nutrition to the child. A woman should eat whole grains, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and nuts to get proper nutrients during breast feeding. These foods are rich sources of protein, calcium, iron and other essential minerals and vitamins.

Avoid eating excessive amount of ghee during breast feeding because it can increase body fat. You can add dry fruits to your kheer or porridge to get proper nutrients.
You can drink fruit juices, coconut water and lemon water to quench your thirst for aerated drinks. Avoid drinking aerated drinks as these can produce harmful effects on your body. Also avoid drinking alcohol during breast feeding as it can produce toxins and can harm your body.

You should also avoid the foods that may produce discomfort to your child. Foods such as broccoli and cabbage sometimes produce gas in some babies. Therefore, if you notice any such symptoms in your child, you can avoid such foods.

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