Beautiful eyes

Everyone wants to have beautiful eyes. Women do makeup to look elegant and beautiful. Eyes play an important role to enhance your beauty. To make your eyes look beautiful, you have to pay special attention to eye makeup. It is important to choose the best cosmetic items for your eyes. Eyes are the most sensitive organ of human body. Harmful chemicals found in eye makeup cosmetic items can produce harm to your eyes. Beautiful eye makeup enhances the overall beauty of face. Therefore, it is important to pay attention when you apply makeup to your eyes.
A few eye makeup tips are given here that will help you to get beautiful eyes:

Eye makeup tips

There are different ways to make your eyes look prominent. You can use the right makeup for your eyes to make your eyes look beautiful. Beautiful eye makeup can help you to enhance your face beauty:

  • You should apply mascara to define your eyes. Curl your eyelashes properly to make them look bigger. A curler helps to open your eye lashes properly.
  • If you really want to make your eye lashes look beautiful, you should use two different mascaras. One should be used to make them thick and other to increase their length. This will make your eye lashes look prominent.
  • Leave a gap between the top and bottom eye liner. This will make your eyes look wide and more awake. It will also make your eyes look bigger.
  • Black eye liner is the best choice for most women. But, if you want to look different, you can choose a colored eye liner to enhance their beauty. You should look upwards in the mirror to apply eye liner evenly on eyes.
  • If your eye lids look reddish or dark in color, you can use a concealer to make it even tone. This will also prepare your eye lids for the application of an eye shadow.
  • You can apply a white eye liner below your brows along with brow bone, if you want to make your eyes look more awake and define your brows.
  • After application of first coat of mascara, apply the translucent powder on your lashes and then apply the second coat. This will add extra length and volume to your eye lashes.
  • If you want to apply eye shadow that matches with the color of your eyes or with your dress, you can use a simple brush to apply it evenly. Never use a finger or a cotton swab to apply eye shadow.
  • When you want to apply kajal to the lower lid, you should take a pencil in your hand and try to merge it with the lower layer of eye lashes. Use water resistant kajal so that it does not spoil your eyes.
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