Back Pain

Back pain is a problem that everyone once a while has faced in the life period. You will surprised to get the fact as experts said that almost 80% people has faced backache in their lives and surprisingly the women’s number is much more than men. It is the second highest problem after headache faced by the world. It is most common disease and then to get Natural Pain Relief For Back Pain becomes necessary. The pain which affects the lumbar region or lower back area is known as back pain. Usually it occurs due to strain in muscles or because of broken inter vertebral disc. This is an uncomfortable situation and generally caused due to muscle strain.

Causes of Back Pain

Usually back pain occurs in the lower back area and the reason is that this part bears the whole weight of the body and in case the weight is much then the possibility of having pain becomes very high. The pain occurs in the back area when more than two structures from bones, spinal cord, muscles or cartilage of the back get affected. Mostly people who are between 35- 55 of age faces backache.

Some of the frequent causes of back pain are pulling and pushing, vibrations, heavy physical work, quickly bending, lifting heavy objects and twisting. Some static postures also cause back pain. Repetitive work and vibrations are some of the other causes of back pain. Even some psychosocial reasons like depression, stress, mental pressure, distress, anxiety and pains can causes back issues.

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Exercise is good to tone up the back muscles and so it can save you from back pain. You can also ask for the exercises to your physiotherapists if suffering from slip disc and fractures. It is known that stretching is a good exercise but the thing is that you must do that in proper way as if done improperly can give you pain. You can also try swimming or yogasanas to lessen the pressure over back cells. Try to stand a bit more in place of sitting. You must also choose a comfortable chair having lumbar support. It must be according to your height, your feet must be over the keyboard and feet on the floor.


Person who is looking for the relief from back pain must avoid some of the dietary items and some of them are yogurt, cauliflower, milk, sour things, urad dal and butter milk. Today we have sedentary lifestyle. We spend so many hours in the office and at that time we spend 95% of our time sitting over chair, which put pressure over the back. So, one must avoid sitting for long. Keep on moving after small periods. Some people use to have painkillers to get relief from back pain but you are advised to avoid them as they usually show side effects.

Foods for Back Pain

Inflammation in the body are due to foods high in sugar, saturated fats, fast foods, processed fats. When it changes to chronic pain most of us depend over pain killers but they also come with some side effects but there is another way to get rid of the problem that you have to eat fresh foods, the foods should be anti-inflammatory like fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins as are meant to lessen pain.

The foods should be bright especially green colored vegetables, whole fresh fruits, olive oil, turmeric, ginger, seeds, legumes, nuts, sea foods specially herring, salmon and mackerel, fish and cod liver oil, soya proteins, grape seed, walnut oils and rice bran, blueberries, lean red meats and specially omega 3 fatty acid rich foods fish, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds are best Foods for Back Pain for the person having back pain. You must also drink good amount of water and juices.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Heat and Ice

Heat and ice are good for getting relief from back pain but remember, don’t use them interchangeably. Ice is helpful to lessen swelling and inflammation. It also increases the flow of blood to the injured areas. Take some ice. Now, wrap it in a towel. Put over the painful area for 30 minutes. You can alternately use the heat pack over the back as one day put heat pack and next day put the ice pack.

Massage with oil

You have to take some oil. Put it over the flame when it becomes lukewarm. Massage your back with that oil. Massage in circular motion with tips of hands for 15 minutes and then lie straight for next 30 minutes. It is wonderful home remedy for backache / back pain.

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