Athletes Foot

Athletes foot is a health problem where the skin of the foot becomes itchy and then started peeling off. Every person once in his life period faces the problem. Mostly man and children over 12 year’s age are caught with the disease. Fungi of athletes foot needed warm and humid atmosphere to grow and so the reason it generally grows fast at the swimming areas, pools, showers and locker room. We just needed special cures for athletes foot to prevent the issue.

Causes of Athletes Foot

There may be so many causes of the problem. The main is infection and additionally contact dermatitis can be the reason. Some of the other reasons which may attract the problem are rashes due to shoes or using any cream, allergy, Dyshidrotic eczema known as skin allergy rash, bacterial infection, and psoriasis and yeast infections. To examine what infection has caught you a test called KOH has been done over you. This test will show where the fungal infection is present and what the main cause of the problem is. For the purpose your peeled skin flaked are tested well to get what infection is actually there.

Symptoms of Athletes Foot

Usually itchy or peeling skin is seen and there are no special symptoms seen in the person having the problem and even you are unable to get the skin is caught with an infection. The major symptom you can look for is dry skin of the soles of the feet. Typically the burning and itchy sensation takes place after you got infection. As the skin peels and so when reaches to the advanced stage pain, creaking and bleeding can also be seen. In some of the rare cases, blisters occur over athletes foot.

Diet for Athletes Foot Treatment

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten on daily basis. Fruits having Vitamin C is preferable because it boosts the immune system and protects you from diseases. So, have them in good amount. Sweets delay the healing process of skin and so should not be eaten much. Protein helps the body to increase its metabolism and also recovers the damaged tissues. Also, it is helpful in healing the wounds quickly. Seafood is known as allergic food. You are advised either to avoid seafood or have very less amount.

Herbal Remedies for Athletes Foot

Herbs have played vital role in the medical world as they are completely based on nature and so are free from side effects. Even fungal infections like athletes foot can also be treated with herbal remedies mentioned below:

Tea Tree Oil

Because of the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the tea tree oil it is been used from years for treatment of skin infections. Also, it is the part of so many beauty as well as skin products. Because it is antiseptic and so is able to fight with bacteria. It also provides relieve in case of presence of inflammation, itching and burning sensation.


It is an herb named Sollanum Chrysotrichum and usually it is very much used in Mexico. It can create a special cure for Athletes foot. It helps to lessen the effect of bacteria present there and so provides you relief.

Home Remedies

The items you use in your day today life prove wonderful cure for athletes foot. Here mentioned are some tips which will help to fight with infection.

  • Baking Soda- Small amount of baking soda if spread over the shoes will help to absorb the moisture from the shoe if present.
  • Garlic- Garlic is anti fungal food and so that you must eat it regularly. You can also cut a small piece of it and rub over the affected area. You can also try an easy thing;Pour some drops of garlic juice over that area two times a day. You can also prepare a recipe by crushing garlic with a clove. Now, add few drops of olive oil in it and get a fine paste. Apply the paste over the fungal nail, leave for 30 minutes. Wash the area with mild soap and warm water. Dry feet with a towel. Use the same daily 2 times. After using that for 2-3 weeks you will cure the athletes foot.
  • Cinnamon- Soak some of the cinnamon tea in your bath tub or bucket. Now, have bath with that water. The anti-fungal properties of the cinnamon will help to keep fungus away from you. You can boil some broken cinnamon sticks in water. Now, soak your feet in the water when it is lukewarm for 30 minutes. Daily use of this will help you to remove infections.

You will be surprised to know that exercise can help to make your feet healthy too. Many people have the opinion that they walk a lot all over a day and so there is no need to any special exercise for the feet. It is true walking is good for your feet but the thing is that you must notice what shoes you have worn at the time of walking. If shoes are putting stress over your feet then in place of providing benefit it will harm you. For foot health some of the healthy foot exercises given below are very special and effective too.

  • Raise your heels daily for few minutes; it will increase the length of Achilles tendons that will provide relieve from pain.
  • Runners are also advised to stretch so that there is no pain in the heel area.
  • Some pointing and flex exercises are here to increase the foot health.

As it is known fact that Athletes foot occurs due to bacteria or infection and so that you must do some precautionary measures. Some of them are:

  • Avoid wearing tight shoes. It will give way to heat and moisture which can invite fungus to attack.
  • Always apply powder over the feet before wearing shoes as it will keep away the moisture.
  • Be sure that the foot remain dry in shoes and so wear the socks made up of cotton. Always wearthe fresh pair of socks.
  • Wash your socks in hot water; it will help to remove fungus.
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