Anaemia is a medical term which describes that the number of red blood cells along with their oxygen carrying capacity is going down and that is the reason they are in capable of meeting with physiologic needs. The condition depends over sex, age, how much you smoke and even pregnant woman have different hemoglobin level compared to other woman. It is most common disease faced by so many people all around the world. Because of the red blood cell count goes less when having anaemia and that is why it is known as the low blood count. Patient of anaemia is known as anemic.


Anaemia is a condition in which particularly, number of red blood cells in the hemoglobin content goes down and that is why you feel less energetic and shortness of breath. It is a condition where the blood becomes unable to carry blood cells to different parts of the body.

Causes of Anaemia

There are so many reasons which can further change into anaemia but some of the medical terms causes anaemia and are given below:

  • After Excessive Bleeding- Some people after meeting with any accident or with heavy menstrual bleeding faces problem of anaemia. Colon cancer is another reason of anaemia.
  • Chronic Disease- Those who are suffering with any medical condition for long time can be caused with anaemia. A chronic infection can also be the reason of anaemia.
  • Iron Deficiency- To prepare red blood cells bone marrow needs iron. To give proper structure to hemoglobin molecule iron is very much important. It can be taken as diet but if having deficiency of the same then can also cause stomach ulcers.
  • Kidney issues- A hormone related to kidney is known as erythropoietin and it makes the work of bone marrow making red blood cells easy. On the other hand, those who have kidney problems then this special hormone are not produced. Then absolutely no production of red blood cells which is clear indication of anaemia.
  • Pregnancy- At the time of pregnancy, water weight increases and dilutes the blood and thus invites anaemia.

General Symptoms of Anaemia

There are so many symptoms that indicate you are suffering with anaemia and some of the common ones are weakness, fatigue, drowsiness and dizziness. As mentioned above the body has less red blood cell count and so the blood is not able to carry blood to the all parts of the body. So, it has some symptoms so that you can understand it and take some steps to cure it too. Anaemia on its first stage is generally free from symptoms but when the condition is chronic then the symptoms can be severe, even some of them are here for you.

An anaemic person usually feels tired and has fatigue, shortness of breath, less energy, light headedness and weakness. Because of presence of less blood in body he just looks pale. Patients of severe anaemia feel dizziness, heart attack, angina, chest pain usually. Also, heart rate is rapid and usually faints down. The stool color also changes and been of marron, black or of tarry and also have a kind of sticky and foul smell. Some of the common symptoms are rapid breathing, Low BP, rapid heart rate and pale skin, heart also starts whispering and spleen also enlarges.

Herbal Remedies for Anaemia

Anaemia is a condition where the patient faces nutritional deficiency and even it can be cured by eating nutrition rich diet, folic acid, vitamin B12 and supplements of ferrous sulfates. Also, Vitamin C is good to take to make the iron absorption better.

There is a variety of herbs that are known to help the anaemic person. Using herbal remedies is also good because they are free from side effects. Some of the important herbs good for anaemic is barberry, kelp, alfalfa, marshmallow, yellow dock, chlorella, barley and dandelion, All the herbs mentioned here are known to normalizes blood supply to the body.

Exercise for Anaemia

It is known that iron deficiency is common but very few people will know that women are more prone to cause by this disease. A survey said that about 30% adult ladies and 40 % adolescent women are facing iron deficiency. While 6% man face the problem. So, you must start brisk walking. Some of the yogas are helpful to maintain the blood flow all over the body. So, you must try that.

Advise for Anaemia

You are advised either avoid or restrict drinking one cup of tea in a day as if having it with meals then tannins which is present in tea makes the absorption method difficult if taken as the iron.Coffee drinking is also harmful because it lessens the iron absorption.


As we know it better that anaemia occurs due to less red blood cells and so it becomes unable to carry oxygen to the parts of body which is very important. This is not very much difficult thing as if you will take a diet rich in iron then the condition can be handled easily. There are both the veg and non- veg sources of iron but the veg source of iron is a bit difficult to absorb as compared to non-veg source of iron. For the purpose you can take some changes in your diet as in place of eating plain salad, squeeze some lime juice over it, it will not only enhance the taste but also helps to absorb. Not even lime juice but most of the vitamin C if taken with meals will help to absorb iron better.

It is necessary to eat that diet but before taking anything you must consult your physician or doctor so that the diet chart can be prepared after looking your condition and body requirements.

Home Remedies for Anaemia

  • You must eat a diet rich in nutrients and so eat bran flake, beets, cereals, dairy products, nuts, fruits and vegetables, poultry and fish, eggs, rice, dry beans meat, pastas, nuts,dairy items and rice.It will also boost your immunity.
  • Diet rich in iron is also important. Some of the iron rich products are liver, dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, brown rice, raisins, breads, bran flakes, lentils and molasses and breads.
  • During the pregnancy period it is very important for the lady to have sufficient amount of iron so that baby remains healthy and free from any deficiency.
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