Hyperacidity or acidity in stomach is a very common trouble faced by so many people having excess of junk food. The stomach creates acid that makes the food digest faster. It is naturally regular process. Every time we eat some cells that lies under the stomach pump changes the items we eat and change it in liquid state just like from mash potatoes to slab of steak. If the cells start creating excess of acid then problem starts and that is the thing when you got stomach acidity.


In our body there is a production of some acid which make foods to digest faster because it break it in further liquid state in case having wrong dietary habits then the whole situation is changed as the body becomes unable to digest food and so the acidity takes place.

Causes of Acidity

The situation is not the result of any serious medical condition. Mostly people face the condition even once or two three times in just one year. And the reason is food that you eat. Usually having junk food regularly or in large amount is the main reason of having the problem. Too spicy and oily foods are heavy and take very much time to digest and so stimulate the cells that pump acid so that to create more acid it requires. The entire situation is known as acute acidity attack. Some chronic conditions can also be result in acidity as stress and even some medical conditions are the cause of stomach acid reflux.

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Symptoms of Acidity

The main and the major symptom faced by the patient is burning sensation in the above stomach area, it also occurs in the right below part of your breastbone. It is also known as the classic symptom of acidity. Due to acidity vomiting also happens. Acidity creates so strong expression as to stop it you sometimes lie horizontally over bed and it is the reason which gives way to vomiting. Everything you eat becomes tasteless because of sour taste of your mouth. Sometimes when you vomit it gives way to heartburn.

Herbal Remedies of Acidity

Divya Avipattikara Curna and Divya Mukta Sukti Bhasm are the two things that are created by the combination of several herbs and it is the great way to get rid of acidity. For the purpose you need to take 300 grams of Divya Avipattika Curna and mix it with 60 gram of Divya Mukta Sukti Bhasm. Mix the both medicine now from the mixture you have to take ½ spoon in morning before breakfast and half at night before dinner. After taking it continuously for a month you will definitely get rid of the problem.


Exercise is good for everyone in any way and today yoga has come with revolution in the medical world. Here we will discuss some of the yogasanas that are wonderful in case you are suffering from acidity. Vajrasanas is one that you can do after taking your meal. It should be practice for just 15 minutes on daily basis. The asana has ability to strengthen the digestive system. It is also good for those who are having problem of constipation.

Also, if your practice pranayama on daily basis then your digestive system will work perfectly. It can soothe the stomach organs and so the blood flow increases to the whole body. It also control the breathing and thus after practicing this you can increase your ability to work because it increase your working stamina.

Burning sensation is another symptom but can be reduced if doing shitkari pranayama and shitali pranayama which is the result of heavy acid reflux. You must do pranayama in the morning before sunrise it will provide you tons of benefits.


In case, you are having acidity then you are advised not to drink tea or coffee or other aerated drinks as it can worsen the situation. Foods responsible to aggravate pitta dosha should not be taken and dietary items comes in the category are lemons, tomatoes, oily, spicy foods, pickles and cheesy food items as all are what they invite the stomach problems.

Acidity Diet

Those having acid reflux must follow some strict dietary habits because it the one who invites the painful problem of acid reflux. You can have sweet products after having your diet. Even years ago it is been proved that having small amount of sweet after meal is necessary. Eat fruits like dates, apples, figs, bananas and jambul fruits. Having mango, coconut, wood apple and pomegranate is also beneficial. Leaves of carrot, curry and celery also proves wonderful to control acidity.

Home Remedies of Acidity

To treat stomach acid reflux at home is an easy and soothing task. For the purpose you just go to your kitchen and use the ideas given below.

  • Having dairy items like curd, milk and cheese prove helpful to remove acidity.
  • Take a clove, remove peel from it. Now, you have to try to suck it. It will provide you immediate relief from acidity.
  • Take some fresh mint leaves. Crush them and extract juice from it. Have it on regular basis as it is the wonderful home remedy for acid reflux.
  • Take a glass of water, now; add2 spoons of honey along with same amount of apple cider vinegar in it. Have this resultant drink after having your meals to lessen the acidity.
  • Take some cumin seeds. Now, bring them to boil in a glass of water. When it becomes cool, have it in place of having your meal.
  • Have banana, watermelon or cucumber as all are helpful in case you are suffering from acidity or hyperacidity.
  • Coconut water is a wonder drink that will make you able to get rid of acid reflux. So, drink 3-4 times coconut water a day.
  • One of the finest and effective remedy for acid reflux is yogurt as it will provide you immediate result.
  • Have herbal tea made by spearmint and liquorice.
  • To neutralize acidity every day have a glass of warm water in the morning.
  • Take a peace of jaggery on daily basis after having your meals. It will help you to stay away from the problem of acid reflux.
  • Drink cabbage juice daily if you are suffering from acidity as it avoids the formation of acid in stomach.
  • To get immediate relief you have to take a spoon of soda in a glass of water.
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