Some Remedies For Easy Bowel Movement

Constipation or irregular bowels have become so common part of the lifestyle that it is almost considered routine. The symptoms include irritation, lack of interest in work, mood swings etc. The causes can be narrowed down to ill-timely irregular eating habits, alcohol and smoking. Below are some natural cures for constipation. You don’t need something fancy remedy, some simple remedies can be found in kitchen.

Mint or ginger tea: It’s a proven natural cure for constipation. The laxative effect promotes bowel activity. The mild appetite stimulant strengthens the stomach and promotes digestion for proper bowel activity. Mint contains methanol which relaxes digestive tract and ginger is a warming herb which produces more heat in the body and aids digestion; even the hot water helps in bowel activity. It is laxative and detoxifier.

Molasses: Molasses is derived from pure cane sugar. Molasses facilitates digestion by soothing stomach ache. The calcium removes toxins from the body, and cleanses colon; the alkalinity regulates pH of the stomach; the laxative property ensure proper bowel movements. The magnesium helps in prevention of constipation as deficiency of it is leading cause of constipation.

Lemon water: The most well known natural cures for constipation search results in lemon water. The alkalinity in the lemon is used to flush out toxins and waste from body. Honey is known for its mild laxative effect. When salt added to lemon, honey and water is best natural cures for constipation. Salt contains magnesium which accelerates contraction of muscles and helps in flushing out toxins.

Coffee: Coffee is stimulant for colon and increases bowel movement. Care should be taken that enough water is consumed along so that it doesn’t increase constipation. Coffee is natural stimulant, but also diuretic which makes you urinate frequently if taken in excess. If taken in right amount it softens the stool.

Raisins: Raisins are natural laxatives which loosens the stool. The fiber in it with water helps in maintaining right consistency when passed through large intestine to colon to rectum. The insoluble fiber makes the texture soft. Tartaric acid flushes out toxins and impurities from colon, smoothening the passage of bowel.

Castor Oil: The castor oil is one of the most ancient natural cures for constipation. It is used to cleanse the system because of the laxative effect. It increases movement of the intestine, which helps the stool to come out. There is also presence of ricinoleic acid, which binds receptors of muscle cells of intestinal walls. This binding causes muscles to contract and push the stool, like other stimulant laxatives.

Isabgol: Isabgol is one of the first herbal handed out by any chemist store on case of constipation. It has soluble and insoluble fiber which is one of the natural cures for constipation. The hygroscopic nature helps in absorbing water from digestive tract which enhances stool consistency.

There are other natural cures for constipation such as daily 15 minute walk, consumption of sesame seeds, fiber rich food like oatmeal, beans, bran cereals, beans, lentils, etc., healthy fats, prunes, regular and timely diet.

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