Charak Pigmento Ointment – Herbal Remedies for White Patches on Skin Cure

Charak Pigmento Ointment is a great on the spot treatment for the problem of white spots. It presents a very easy and economical mode of treatment to remove white skin patches on body, which might make you feel unattractive and self-conscious. This ointment is specially formulated after doing exhaustive research about its ingredients so as to ensure its high efficacy and safety.

It is regarded as one of the most successful herbal remedies for white patches in skin cure. It consists of many herbal extracts mixed together in the form of a cream that go deep inside your skin to stimulate the production of melanocytes. Melanocytes are one of the primary pigment producing agent in the body that determines the color of the skin.

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It presents a perfect treatment of sign and symptoms of white spots on skin and offers a sure shot solution to treat the problem of white patches by strengthening the liver’s ability to eliminate toxins from the body. There are many toxins that can destroy the melanocytes, the compound responsible for producing skin color. So, by helping the liver to eradicate toxins, it helps to control the spread of white patches to different parts of the body.

Causes Of White Patches On Skin

Before making assumptions as to what might have caused you to suffer from white skin patches on body, it is vital to explore the different cause of this condition.

A couple of things that might lead to this humiliating problem are given as follows:

  • Poor immune system
  • Self attack of immune system on the body
  • Free radical damage
  • Smoking

Symptoms of Vitiligo White Patches On Skin

There are many things that hint that the white patches on skin are related to some serious skin ailment, some of which are explained as follows:

  • Spread of white spots to different parts of the body
  • Poor working of the immune system
  • Quick drop in eye sight
  • Low strength of the body

The Right Way Of Using Charak Pigmento Ointment

Charak Pigmento ointment is one of the most effective herbal remedies for white patches on skin cure, but there is a particular method that must be followed in order to gain maximum benefit from its use. The precise method of using Charak Pigmento ointment is explained below.

  1. Apply petroleum jelly on the area surrounding the discoloured patch so as to be sure that the ointment is only working on the area on which it should act.
  2. Take a sufficient amount of ointment and apply it only on the discoloured portion.
  3. After applying the cream expose the skin to sun only for 5 minutes. After using this cream continuously for a few days one can increase the sun exposure for up to 20 minutes.
  4. When you follow the above mentioned instructions while using Charak Pigmento ointment, you can be straightforwardly sure of kissing a permanent good bye to this exceedingly self-demeaning problem.

It is always recommended to do a patch test before planning to use this cream. To do so, apply a small pea sized amount of cream on your wrist or at the back of your ear. Wait for 3 to 4 days, if you do not notice any adverse reaction then you can safely use this ointment to get rid of white patches. It is worth mentioning that some people might face irritation while using this cream. In case you do, mix petroleum jelly in the cream before applying it.

Why Should You Trust Charak Pigmento Ointment?

There are many reasons to believe in the power of Charak Pigmento ointment, some of which are given as follows:

  • Pigmento is a fabulous herbal ointment that can be used to treat different types of skin problems such as vitiligo, dermatitis and white skin patches on body.
  • It is prepared by combining different types of herbs that work together to stimulate the production of melanin in the skin.
  • This ointment presents a great way to treat this problem without the use of any chemical that might harm the natural composition of skin.
  • It presents the best natural treatment of sign and symptoms of white spots on skin.

Home and Herbal Remedies For White Patches In Skin Cure

Home remedies to treat white patches on skin are exceptionally simple to use but go far in producing great results. Some of the great home cures to overcome this condition are listed below:

  • Make a thick paste of turmeric in water and apply it on the affected area two to three times a day.
  • Always cover your body while going out in the sun. Excessive sun exposure can also lead to this problem.
  • Avoid eating pickles.

All the above mentioned remedies help you treat this problem right in the comfort of your home without incurring any heavy on pocket expense.

Composition Of Charak Pigmento Ointment

A few of the exotic ingredients that strikingly determine the properties of this excellent ointment are listed below:

  • Bakuchi: This ingredient is known to boost the generation of melanocytes, one of the key pigment producing agents.
  • Chakramard, Vacha and Indian Lilac: These three remarkably famous herbs are known to possess unparalleled anti-fungal properties.
  • Jeeraka: This is another exceptional ingredient present in this ointment that has a positive impact on the health of skin.
  • Sharapunkha: This intense herb is known to modulate cl-mediated and humoral components of the body’s immune system and is rated as the highly effective herbal remedies for white patches in skin cure.
  • Tulsi beej: It has calming properties that go far in soothing the irritated skin.
  • Arishtat: This is a great herb that is known to influence the vitiligo affected skin in an assertive manner.

All these herbal ingredients work fabulously well for the treatment of sign and symptoms of white spots on skin.

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