Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the pain in joints can make the person immobile. It is a formal way of saying ‘pain in joints’, in general a term used to describe joint pain or joint disease. There are no modern day medicines which have permanent treatment of the disease, they may decrease the pain but don’t cure the disease in long term. And all those meds bring along tons of side effects. So here are some arthritis natural remedies:

Potatoes: One common vegetable found across all the homes all over the world is: potatoes. They reduce joint and muscle pain and improve blood circulation. There are myths regarding the role of potatoes in increasing inflammation, but a study in ‘Journal of Nutrition’ in 2011 showed yellow and purple potatoes lowered blood markers for inflammation in healthy men. The myths, about potatoes increasing the inflammation are myths, in fact, they reduce inflammation. Natural remedy for arthritis is simple, take few unpeeled potatoes slices, soak them in a glass of water overnight and drink the water every morning empty stomach. In fact, warm potatoes can be applied externally also.

Green gram and garlic cloves: The first and foremost supplement suggested by doctors in cases of arthritis is manganese. Why search for supplements outside when there is ample of supply at home in form of green gram. A mixture of green gram and garlic cloves is highly effective as green gram adds manganese to your body and garlic gloves have anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the pain. For the consumption: Take 3 tbsp of green gram and soak it overnight to get sprouted gram, add 2 crushed garlic cloves to sprouted gram and mix well. Consume 2 times a day.

Mustard oil and camphor: Mustard oil and camphor combination is natural remedy for arthritis suggested not only in Indian households but also in ancient Greek times. Take a cup of mustard oil, add 10 gm of camphor and heat till camphor dissolves completely. Massage lukewarm oil on the affected area. Mustard oil and camphor have heat producing properties which helps in improving the blood circulation, reduce inflammation and stiffness. Once the massage therapy is initiated, essential oils poured to pores and skin, surface of the pores and skin gets better blood motion and contributes to an accelerated recovery by reducing stiffness, discomfort and irritation.

Exercise: It is a common myth that any sort of exercise increases the pain in arthritis. In fact, some form of exercise is necessary to relieve of the pain, decrease stiffness and irritation and increase blood motion. Researchers have concluded that people suffering from arthritis who exercise regularly have less pain, more energy, improved sleep and better day-to-day function. Exercise will help you control weight (any excess weight strains the joints), strengthens muscles which support the joint and lubricates the joints allowing them to move more freely. You can:

  1. Go got a brisk walk for 15 minutes daily.
  2. Doing joint targeted stretching exercises to reduce pain and swelling.
  3. Low impact aerobics, strength training and stretching

These are just some of the home remedies for arthritis which have been proven effective over time. Remember to ask your doctor before taking herbs or beginning to exercise as to be sure that they will not conflict with your meds!

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