How to Get Done Eyebrow Waxing Done Professionally at Home

Waxing is painful, yet an excellent idea to get rid of unwanted hair from body. Eyebrow waxing can be comfortable and at the same time high cost when you make that done at the salon. So you need to try out the alternatives to make do eyebrow shapes. For the purpose, you need to try out simple wax recipe ad then need to know how to get rid of unwanted hair at home. This just takes simple ingredients and very less time. It is a far better idea than using any of the expensive eyebrow makeup tips.

Preparing Wax- To start the eyebrow waxing, this is must that you would have ingredient, which can be easily found in every kitchen. To make done, you need a pinch of salt, 2 spoons flour, 2 spoons honey and some water. Combine the entire ingredients well in a small microwavable bowl. Stir the mixture well, till it changes in a yellow color fluid. Heat that in the microwave for 20-30 seconds so that it goes thick. Remove that from microwave. Let it sit for 10 minutes otherwise, the too hot wax would burn the skin.

Apply the Wax- First, you have to prepare the face for waxing. Start with cleansing the face, so that dirt and excess oil would be removed from the place. Use a Popsicle stick and apply the wax to the extra hairs for having perfect eyebrow shapes. Make sure you would have covered the hair thoroughly. This is a tough task, but actually fat better than using expensive makeup for that you would need to follow eyebrow makeup tips. Make sure you would not spread the wax which hair you don’t want to get removed.

Apply Pressure onto the Wax Using Old Cloth- Place the old cloth to the wax and run the finger over the cloth in the direction you wanted to get hair to grow. Leave it there for some seconds. Make sure the fabric is apt to the place, neither too small nor too big so that proper eyebrow waxing can be done.

Pull the Cloth-Now; yank the cloth in the opposite direction of the growth of hair.Like, it is from left to right on the left eyebrow and right to left on your right eyebrow. This would hurt a little, but is best idea to get proper eyebrow shapes. Make sure you would not hesitate at the point otherwise; some hair would leave at the place. Take a clean and soft cloth and damp that using lukewarm water. Gently press to the area that is waxed. This step would help in keeping the irritation away from the area. You can also apply Vitamin E lotion, so that redness and puffiness would not there.

Check If Any Hair Remain The Area- Waxing is a good idea to pull a maximum number of hair, still, if you found that there are some hair left, like, one or two, then can easily remove that using tweezers. You can also make them hide using eyebrow makeup tips as well. If there is much hair left, then for one more time, make doing the waxing process.

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