Hernia (Antra-Vrddhi)


There are many herbal solutions for hernia. Herbal solutions provide natural cures for hernia. Important home solutions for hernia are:

  • Ginger is an important herb that protects inflammation to the stomach and esophagus. It prevents damage caused due to gastric acids and other secretions.
  • Marshmallow root is an important herb that helps in improving digestion and reduces digestive acids. It gives relief from symptoms related to hernia.
  • People suffering from hernia should avoid eating large meals. One should eat small and frequent meals throughout the day.
  • Avoid bending soon after eating as it can aggravate pain and other symptoms related to Hernia.
  • Apply heat to the area and avoid putting pressure over the swollen region.
  • Avoid doing exercise when you have full stomach. Also avoid wearing tight clothes around your abdomen.
  • Ginseng is also an important herb that helps to reduce inflammation and also boosts up the immune system.
  • Chamomile is an excellent herb that reduces inflammation and other symptoms of hiatus hernia. It reduces the symptoms of acidity and heart burn.
  • Cinnamon is a natural herb that reduces abdominal pain and bloating. It sooths the stomach and acts as a natural antacid.

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A hernia can be noticed as a lump that mainly occurs in the groin region. It occurs when the abdominal cavity breaks through a weak area of the abdomen. It produces a lot of discomfort when the size of hernia increases. It can occur at any age. It may occur as a result of surgery of abdominal wall. Some people are born with weak abdominal wall and produces swelling of the region due to enlarged tissues. Abdominal hernia is the most common type of hernia. It may be present at birth or may develop as the person ages. There are some regions in the abdominal area that are naturally weak such as umbilical region or previous surgical incisions. There are many natural cures for hernia that can help to reduce the symptoms of hernia naturally and can help to avoid surgery.

Causes of hernia

Hernia may be caused by different factors. Many people are at risk of hernia. Important causes of hernia are:

  • Chronic cough is an important cause of hernia
  • Obesity is also an added risk of getting hernia
  • Pregnancy also increases the risk of hernia
  • Chronic constipation can also produce hernia
  • Hernia may also occur in babies due to weak abdominal wall
  • It commonly occurs in people having tendency to suffer from hernia
  • It occurs in the members of the same family
  • Lifting heavy objects also put strain on abdominal muscles that can lead to hernia
  • Hernia can also occur due to weakness of the abdominal wall

Symptoms of hernia

Hernia may not produce any noticing signs and symptoms. It is only noticed as a bulge or lump while straining. It can be pushed back but it occurs again while coughing or straining. It is not visible when a person lies down. There is no pain but some people feel a little pain over a small area. It aggravates when a person does heavy exercise.

How to cure hernia?

Hernia can be easily dealt by taking herbs or herbal products. A person can avoid surgery by using herbal products. Herbs are safe to use and can be used for a longer period of time to prevent reoccurrence. Natural products are made of natural ingredients and do not provide any side effects. They are safe and produce effective results in a quick period of time. Natural herbs enhance the immune system and help to prevent recurrent body infections. The herbs found in this package for hernia are safe and produce wonderful results. All the herbal solutions in this package for hernia increase the strength of abdominal walls and prevent recurrence of hernia. Important herbs found in the package for hernia are:

  1. Divya sarva-kalpa kvatha: It is a natural tonic to boost up the muscular strength. It provides immunity to the body cells and prevents recurrent infections. It is an excellent solution to support the abdominal muscles. It also prevents chronic constipation.
  2. Divya Trikutu churna: It is one of the best natural cures for hernia. It increases the strength and elasticity of abdominal walls. It also provides quick relief from abdominal pain. It boosts up the immune system and helps to prevent recurrent occurrence of hernia.
  3. Divya Pravala pisti: It is a natural solution to get rid of any kind of hernia. It works by providing proper nutrients for increasing the strength of abdominal walls. It is also a natural solution to get rid of constipation. It prevents constipation and reduces the chances of recurring symptoms of hernia.
  4. Divya Godanti bhasma: It is believed to an excellent herbal solution for any kind of abdominal problems. It can be taken on a regular basis as it is very good natural herb for constipation. It helps in bulky stool formation and easy evacuation from the body without straining too much. It supports the rectal muscles and reduces abdominal pain.
  5. Divya Virrdhivatika vati: It is said to be a natural solution that boosts up energy and prevents pain in the abdomen. It is an excellent solution for boosting up strength. It enhances the overall functioning of all the body organs. It is a general tonic for your body.
  6. Divya Kanchanara gugglu: It is said to prevent any outgrowth in the body. It makes your body fit and healthy. It reduces lump in the stomach and helps to get rid of hernia naturally. It also prevents reoccurrence of hernia by boosting the immune system.

Dosage and mode of administration

Medicine no. 1 Boil one teaspoon with 400 ml water till it reduces to 100 ml and strain out liquid. Take the liquid twice on empty stomach, before breakfast & dinner.

Medicine no. 2, 3 and 4: Mix all these medicines together and equally divide in 60 parts. Take each part an hour before breakfast and dinner with honey or warm water two times in a day.

Medicine no 5 and 6: Take 1 tablet from each, two times in a day. Take after breakfast and dinner with warm water or milk.

How to prevent hernia?

People suffering from hernia or who are prone to suffer from hernia can take a few precautions to prevent hernia:

  • Avoid straining while passing stool.
  • Avoid lifting too heavy objects.
  • Increase intake of dietary fibres in diet to get rid of constipation.
  • Eat healthy diet to increase the strength of abdominal muscles.
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