Fool Proof Eye Makeup Tricks to Be Known About Every Asian Girl

Whenever you would have watched the eye makeup tutorial, then must know when they say “blend into the crease” and then started doing crease less eye in mirror. This confusion is quite high for the Asian eyes and then requirement is of having eye makeup ideas so that you would manage to get best ever results. The ideas are not just covered the simply applying black liner or eye shadow, but it means completely beautifying the looks of eyes. Here given is the list of some celebrity tricks for having the perfect eye makeup.

Try Out Ombre’- Here one need to follow the entire tricks of eye shadow and other makeup tips that you have ever tried for getting perfect smoky eye look. Smoky eyes for Asian eyeshaving different definition where eye don’t need to add dimension on the outer crease, butideaistomake that even, hereoneneeds to have ombre’ effect from the lash line towards the brow. To achieve the look, line the eyes using black gel liner and use tapered eye shadow brush and apply the brown matte shadow with creating the curved shape exactly above the lid. Use the light brown matte shadow and apply that above the darker shade. Blend it well so that would end in soft and smoky look.

Open Your Eyes- Ladies or girls having the having monolids should keep their eyes open at the time of applying the eye makeup. Make sure when using eye shadows, then keep eyes open and tilt the head back a lit. This is one of the basic eye makeup ideas which would offer you with excellent results. Especially when you wanted to get the smoky eyes, then would help a lot for having the perfect look.

Doesn’t Wing, But Blend- For having a soft and less smoky affect to the eyes, one need to skip the wing at the time of eyeliner application, and then keep it blend in upwards direction. This would make the task easy and even good for the eye shadow application as well. To get done the task with ease, necessity is to use the cream liner and use the other one to make that blend and get a wing shape at the end.

Eye Makeup Mistakes to Avoid- These are given the perfect eye makeup ideas that can help to make the Asian girls rock with the beauty of their eyes. Still, there are some important points that need to be considered at the time of makeup. Like one need not to curl lashes after applying mascara, because this would end in clumped eyelashes look. To make sure you would not have lost the dark powder on face, you should not apply dark powdered eye shadows on the face. Either make that use after that or can wipe that off and apply a layer of concealer to the area. These are some important tricks that would make your help in achieving a super sexy look to the eyes.

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