Coronary Artery Disease


Another name of coronary artery disease is coronary heart disease. When our heart works harder there is need of little more oxygen than normal and in those condition coronary arteries magnifies. In case there is fatty material buildup and so arteries goes narrow as well as hard. In that case it becomes difficult to get much oxygen by heart. The less supply of oxygen may cause angina (pain in chest).


Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is caused due to accumulation of plaque in the heart arteries. This condition is known as hardening of arteries. There are some of the risk factors which can give way to heart issues. First and the most important one is your age. You will surprise to know but true that men are at higher risk of having heart problems but after menopause even women are over the same level of having the same. Also, if your relatives or parents had heart issues than also you are at highest risk of having the same problem.

Some of the health issues can also give way to the heart problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, substance abuse; chronic kidney problems can also drag you to the risk of heart problems. Obese people may have more heart problems compared to slim people. Those who have habit of smoking or have extra cholesterol build up in blood bring the problem of heart diseases.

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In some people there may be clear symptoms but in some cases even the symptoms can’t be identified but still here is the list of some of the common symptoms of coronary artery disease and that are shortness in breath, the person feels much suffocated. Also, have pain in chest area. The pain is like someone is pressing your heart, it not only comes in heart but it can also be felt in arms, neck, stomach or in upper back. Also, you feel fatigue with work.

Herbal Remedies for Coronary Heart Disease

You can mix MuktaPishti 4gm,  AhikaPishti 5gm, sangiyasadaPishti 5gm, Amrit Sat 10gm and YogentraRas 1gm well and divide in equal 60 parts. Now, have 1 part of this in morning and another after dinner with honey for a month.

Take 1-2 medicines of  Hridyamrita 40gm in morning with lukewarm water.

ArjunaKwath 40gm is good remedy. You can take a spoon of kwath and boil this in cup of cow milk and 3 cup of water. Repeat for month for better results.


Those who are suffering from cardiac issues must do physical exercise as are good for health. It not only helps to make your condition better but also lessens the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Those who are regular doer of exercises may get some of the benefits given below:

You will fell improved endothelial function, low blood pressure, improve glucose tolerance, improved lipid metabolism, enhanced fibrinolysis and decreased sympathetic tone. There is myth that if you do exercise than you are at high risk of having heart failure. But recently a surveys cleared the fact that if exercises are done on regular basis after doctor advice than it can prove a medicine to the patience of diabetes and coronary heart disease.


Some of the things which can make the condition worsen and to avoid that condition you must think about the advice given here. To tackle with condition you have to keep distance with smoking. Exercising 5 days a week is good for your health. Maintain healthy weight. Avoid or even limit down the alcohol intake.


Nutrition is not only good for physical but for heart health too. It is helpful to lessen the risk of heart diseases. Your diet must have quality amount of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eat low fat dairy items. To avoid fats and sodium you have to keep distance from fried foods, baked foods or processed foods. Have lean proteins, legumes and beans and fishes in your diet. Eat less animal foods. Maintain a distance from saturated fats, or food items having hydrogenated fats.

Home Remedies for Coronary Artery Disease

Here given is the list of some of the useful home remedies for coronary heart diseases. You can use any of them as provide you quick but effective results.

  • Olive Oil- Those facing the heart problem must use olive oil. The main part of the oil is mono unsaturated oil and it also lessens the bad LDL cholesterol. Also, it wards off the artery damage from LDL cholesterol. There are some countries where this is used as therapy for heart patients.
  • Fruits and Vegetables- To treat heart problems you have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables on regular basis. Apple has some heart stimulating properties and so this provides strength to the weak heart. There are some fruits too which can give strength to the heart and these are grapes, pineapple, coconut water, orange, custard apple and pomegranate.
  • Grapes- Grapes is wonderful home remedy for heart patients as it provides the rapid relief. A heart patient if have the grape diet regularly for few days than definitely can feel a big difference in his condition.
  • Indian Gooseberry (Amla) – It is easy but effective home remedy for heart diseases. It tones down and even makes the organs work better. It destroys the heterogeneous elements which are the rivals of body growth. It also provides energy to the body.
  • Garlic- Garlic has ability that can drag you from the world of heart problems. If you are regularly having the garlic than you can have repaired and also healthy arteries which works better. You can even have about 2-3 fresh either cooked or raw garlic cloves on daily basis for three times. You can also try another thing by which you have to crushed the garlic and squeeze its juice. Now, add the juice in milk and have that milk in morning. You can either boil the milk or have that minced. All this will help to lessen the risk of heart diseases.
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